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Design for Lover, wildly loved.

Sustainable coffee products with organic farming practices, the best raw materials, the ideal roasting, the perfect grinding and a designer who cares about a better world.

Be careful, additive like Lover!

The best Vietnamese Coffee you can get

It's about a better world. A world where drink is actually good for you. A world that fills you with laughter and positivity.

Sustainable Coffee

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For a better world

For Lover

Positive & Laughter

Our Philosophy.

built with love and air

Dear Love,
Are you going to be with those who care about the environment, take care of the farmers’ lives, respect nature, always create happier lives?

We are slowly changing the way Vietnamese farmers cultivate coffee trees to create sustainable, high-quality coffee products and a better source of income for them.
We cooperate with the best coffee roaster experts, who are knowledgeable about the properties of coffee beans in each region.
We design waste in the manufacturing process to create unique upcycled products.
We design for your choice. The simpler the more wild!

Our Coffee.

From beans to brewing

Our organic agriculture cooperative has a long history of getting the coffee products it is today, as a charm of souls born and raised from coffee trees.

Krong Nang, Dak Lak - Dasar, Lam Dong

We improve the soil, the environment for the coffee tree to develop in the most natural and powerful way. From seed to tree, pests and diseases, blossom and fruit,… it’s all as natural as it is. We grow and develop coffee varieties with the most unique flavors.

Hand-picking I Honey - Natural - Traditional - Wash

Careful harvesting of coffee cherries is fundamentally important to the quality of the resulting cup of coffee. Pickers select only the cherries that are ready for harvest, leaving the unripe fruit on the tree to be picked later.
We understand the beans and from there we choose the most suitable processing methods such as: honey, natural, traditional, wash,…to make the coffee as profitable as possible.

Roasting - Asia roaster champion

We have professional roasters who work and understand the quality of each coffee bean we have, offering the best roasting method to reveal its flavor and value.

Gifts for Lover.

Robusta Natural

coffee beans, designer coffee

Robusta Honey

coffee recycling, designer coffee

Designer Coffee Signature

coffee beans, designer coffee

Designer Bag

coffee beans, coffee recycling

Coffee T-shirt

coffee recycling, designer coffee

Coffee Poster

coffee recycling, designer coffee

Coffee Boutique.

Upcycling Products

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We will add this information to the website as soon as possible! Thanks to Lover for visiting this Designer Coffee house!


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