Specialty Signature (1kg)





1kg bag: Robusta Honey: 550,000VNĐ, Robusta Natural: 700,000VNĐ, Arabica Wash/Honey/Natural: 1,050,000VNĐ, Signature: 750,000VNĐ

Selected from natural farming, processed by hand, roasted according to international standards.
Region: Dak Lak, Lam Dong.
Variety: Robusta. (Robusta, the French period before 1945, the physical flavor is richer than the high yield: low sugar, lack of nutrients)/Arabica from Da Lat, Lam Dong
Processing Method: Honey, Natural, Full Wash, Wash.
Taste: Fruit, caramel… (from the inherent physical nature of coffee)
Farms: Dung’s garden (Robusta, 1 ton 2 1 year, Dung’s uncle Luong 800kg, 3 ha)
Roaster: Roaster of Southeast Asia’s Roast Championship 2019.
Brewing Method: By Machine Or Phin.